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Community Campus '87 was formed by a group of concerned individuals who were motivated to do something about the growing crisis of youth homelessness on Teesside in the mid 1980's.The primary aim was simply to provide housing with support, to enable homeless young people to gain the skills and experience to get and then keep their own place to live.

Realisation quickly came that homelessness was the tip of the iceberg; and there was often a whole host of other issues. Young people were lacking in confidence, had low self esteem, and the reasons for them becoming homeless were generally related to the reasons why they had poor educational or vocational achievements and low aspirations.

In the early 1990's, the Key Skills Project was born and developed in Middlesbrough.  In a nutshell, the project focused on renovating empty properties which presented a real working environment for homeless young people, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable construction skills and qualifications and, once the renovations were complete, good housing. 

As soon as word got round that there was a social enterprise which could not only deliver quality construction, building maintenance, painting and decorating services, at a good price, but one which understood the values and needs of the voluntary and community sector demand for its service started to grow.  This led to the formation of Community Campus Trading Ltd.

Over the years we have had a number of successes and achievements which are key to the services that we deliver today.
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